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Our Mission

The mission of Indiana All-Stars is to grow the game in the state of Indiana by providing quality opportunities for players and coaches to develop leadership skills, build community, and compete.

Our Operating Principles


Develop Leaders

We take an individualized player approach to building skills and expanding lacrosse IQ. We cultivate young leaders, and equip them with skills to make an impact on their communities. We amplify athlete success to uncover opportunities at the collegiate level.


Build Community

We believe our club is built not with players, but with families, and we value the commitment that it takes to be a part of a summer lacrosse team. We build relationships with players, families, and lacrosse programs across the state by fostering a collaborative environment. 



We fill our rosters with players who show up at every opportunity and want to compete and pair each team with premium coaches that love to do the same. High caliber competition is what drives success. We play hard against each other at practice and compete relentlessly in tournaments. 

Stay in the Know

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